Kim and Ray Healy make an awesome team. They were very personal yet professional to deal with. The amount of time and effort they put into selling our home was unparalleled. They made selling our home a very fun and exciting experience. They will be our go to Realtors® when the time comes to selling our next home. I will have no second thoughts recommending them to a friend or family members, as I know they will be in good hands. Kim and Ray are top notch!
— Shannon & Jennifer Gillette
There are a lot of adjectives that are attributed to Kim… knowledgeable, experienced, professional, high level of expertise and integrity, etc. And all of these apply. However, when selling my home and working with Kim, what impressed me most was her level of dedication, thoroughness, and complete commitment to my positive outcome. I know that there a many good realtors out there (and some not so good), but I cannot imagine anyone better. I give Kim my highest recommendation. In the next year, when I am looking for a new home, I will absolutely be working with Kim again.
— Jeff Hayes
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Kim and Ray Healy are two of the most professional and yet personal Realtors® I have ever met. They sold my house and put unbelievable hours and effort into this project. By the time you end up selling your home you will feel like you have just met your best friend. They are not only loyal and hard working, but they are genuine honest people. I can’t say enough about my experience with Kim and Ray and I would recommend them to anyone that needs a Realtor®.
— Suzanne Hayden
Dedication and Commitment... That’s what you get with “Team Healy” as your Professional Realtors®!!! Ray and Kim Healy are the very best in the business. As a client of the Healy’s, I was overwhelmed by their pledge of satisfaction. Ray and Kim are successful in real estate because they care about their business partners... you and me!
— Pete Kuehner, Vice President of Phoenix Cement Company
Recently, our family along with several other families relocated to Phoenix from our previous office in Fargo, North Dakota. Some of my colleagues who were the first to relocate were referred to Kim & Ray Healy of West USA Realty by another fiend who had already lived in the Valley for sometime. Their experience in finding a new home within Phoenix was very positive. This successful experience led them to referring them on to the rest of us. In total they helped a number of us find homes and settle into the valley. They are more then just familiar with a single location as most of us all settled in different areas, depending on what we valued as families.
Prior to our first house hunting trip, Kim screened a number of properties based on the criteria we gave her to work with. We spent 2 full days looking at homes with the entire family - narrowing the search, but unsuccessful in finding a new home. The family flew back home on Monday morning while I stayed on to work the rest of the week. I got a call Thursday afternoon from Kim who had found something which seemed to fit the bill and had arranged an opportunity for me to look at that evening - even though it wasn’t going to be open till the weekend. It looked like it was everything we wanted so Kim took the initiative and went back the following morning, taking a video as well as still pictures of the home. She handed the video and developed pictures off to me at the airport Friday afternoon. Back in Fargo, I viewed the video with my wife on Friday evening and also several times on Saturday morning. We bought our new home Saturday afternoon - mind you without my wife ever seeing it in person. That took courage (some thought I was nuts - what kind of guy puts himself in that kind of a position!) - but it was also based on a comfort that my wife developed with Kim over a few days and her ability to listen and understand our needs.
That is my testimonial to a very pleasant buying experience and the realtor who helped make it happen!
— Robert & Jan Lund
I have been involved in 15 or so real estate transactions over the years and have worked with many realtors in both California and Arizona.

Kim Healy and her team are, without question, the most capable and responsive real estate professionals with whom I have been associated. I am also aware that she has done business with many of my partner colleagues in my firm and these individuals share this view.

I would absolutely endorse Kim Healy and recommend her without any hesitation.
— Ed Rodriguez
We have found Kim Healy and her associates to be heads above any other Realtor® that we have worked with.

Their concern for our goals were of top priority. They were always working to improve the presentation of our home with no concern of cost to themselves. We would come home and find beautiful planting and grooming of our yard. They kept us informed of coming events during and after the sale of our home. Their selflessness was remarkable.

We feel we have made a life friendship and would recommend them to anyone.
— Kay and Joseph Resetar
I don’t believe we ever thanked you formally for all you did for us over the past three years. When we got the call that we were relocating to Arizona, we contacted some friends of ours who recommended you without reservation. We had a brief conversation with you on the phone and you knew exactly what we were looking for. You took the time to research all the available listings as well as previewed them for us. This was extremely helpful and, of course, we found just the house we were looking for. You made our relocation very easy and as stress free as possible.

Well, a couple years down the road, we decided that our needs had changed and we were ready to look again, but this time for new builds. We found a house we liked, but as with most new homebuilder’s, they give you incentives to sell through their realtor, so we decided to use them to sell our home. Wouldn’t you know it, that didn’t work. We spent two months with this realtor, only to dismiss his services. We had over fifty (yep, 50) visitors to our home not even one offer. All the houses around us were selling in just a couple of weeks. Well we thought about it for a second and decided, we had to call Kim and Ray, we were sure they could sell it. We were going away that weekend, so Kim and her mother came in, and staged the house while we were gone. We came home and found, we lived in a model home. Within just a few hours, they had packed up three boxes of our things, and put out those special touches to make our home more inviting.

Well would you believe it, it sold in a couple of weeks. We were so excited. They sale went off with a hitch. They were also involved in the purchase of our new home and didn’t even flinch when we called to tell them that the homebuilder put our house on the lot incorrectly, it was fixed in a week, just they way we had intended. Then came the interior color mishap. Kim and I didn’t get our way with that one, but she bit her tongue and quietly suggested another color, which I ran out immediately and purchased. Perfect, as usual. While we are still in the process of repainting the inside, it is already looking great. Kim and Ray took a lot of the stress of buying a new home away just knowing that we had their support. Our new home is coming along and we are hoping this will be our last move. But if it isn’t we know the perfect people to call.

Kim and Ray, thank you both so much for your patience and persistence.
— Sharon, Gordon & Kevin McChesney
My husband and I have worked with other Realtors® and had realistic expectations of what to expect as we embarked on the purchase of a new home. Kim Healy consistently exceeded those expectations and has set a new standard of performance for a real estate professional. I remember the commitment Kim made to me when we first spoke... “Spend half a day looking at homes WITH me. After that, I’ll preview every property prior to showing it to you. If I don’t know what you want after those four hours, I’m not your Realtor®.” We are now in a home I could live in forever. The senior management team from my husband’s corporate office recently relocated to the Phoenix area from the Midwest. Our experience with Kim had been so positive that we enthusiastically endorsed her without reserve. She found a home for EVERYONE (or all x number of families) and they now join us in embracing her as an unparalleled professional in the field of real estate.
— Deb Mcander
You guys were the best realtors we ever had. The attention to detail, the meticulous search, previewing of the properties and being candid are what sets you apart from the rest. Most realtors are more interested in saying what a client wants to hear, and not bold enough to articulate their opinion. Buying or selling a home is a big event, and I don’t need sugar coated messages. Working with you and Ray was extremely refreshing! You guys are personable and the best!!!
— Babu & Rama
Now that we have closed, I wanted to let you know how much Bianca and I appreciated your help in finding our new home in Scottsdale. From day one, you provided complete personal attention, worked tirelessly to find THE house that would fit our family, and brought a tremendous amount of market expertise and intuition to the process. There were times when we did not think we would find our house, but you assured us we would find our dream home and encouraged us to stay the course. It paid off much more than we expected and we now have the perfect home for our family. Also, I believe you may have set a new record for short sale transactions – two and a half months from offer to close. Your knowledge and expertise of short sales transactions and ability to work collaboratively with the seller’s agent no doubt helped move the process along as quickly as possible.
— Rob and Bianca
I give my highest professional recommendation to Kim Healy for her work as a top performing real estate agent. She personally helped me sell 2 houses in a very short time. In fact, she sold the largest of my homes, on the first day of listing, netting more than I expected, and this was during the depths of the 2009 recession. She was personally involved with every step of the process, from setting a competitive price, to recommending ( and personally overseeing) required mods and upgrades, as well as how to stage the home to put it in the best light.

She was the buyer agent for many executives at my company and every one of them was thoroughly pleased as she tirelessly pursued the absolute perfect property at the absolutely lowest price. Her high level of personal service and attention to details made this otherwise stressful part of a corporate relocation, a very positive and fulfilling opportunity for the executive’s family to discover the right new “home” in the best possible areas at the most competitive price. I would recommend Kim Healy to anyone looking for a very high level of personal service and attention to detail as she takes great pride in consistent client satisfaction, the best overall realty experience, and a business base built largely on personal referrals.
— Robert A. Wilson, President of Honeywell Business & Aviation

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